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Welcome to CV:DH: The Cabo Verde Digital Resource Directory. The purpose of this directory is to provide researchers and community members with a variety of digital resources with which to study Cape Verdean history, culture and society.

CV:DH contributes to the growing field of black digital humanities in its focus on an African diasporic population whose significant contributions to historical and contemporary societies are largely unknown. The directory serves as a searchable discovery tool of global Cape Verdean heritage.

The directory is designed to facilitate the research process by making more readily available the rich array of scholarship, primary sources, oral histories, and digital resources produced on the Cape Verdean experience. CV:DH is a collaboration between Gina Gibau, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Caitlin Pollock, Digital Humanities Librarian.

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CV:DH was made by

  • Gina Gibau, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Professor of Anthropology, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Caitlin Pollock, Digital Humanities Librarian, Center for Digital Scholarship, IUPUI University Library

For any questions or interests in collaboration, please contact IUPUI University Library's Center for Digital Scholarship at: